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�Declare His glory among the heathen, his wonders among all people.�? - Psalms 96:3




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Antony Pal Mother of Velankanny, We together with My Sister THANK you for extending your assistance towards My Sister and her sons in the form of money, physical help and spiritual support. Please do bless all those who extend help towards her in one or the other form. Thank you Mom for assisting me to help her. Thank you Mom for our Parents who are with her at heart always. Thank you Mom....Thank You Mom....Thank you Mom. Aluva 2018-09-20
Dorothy Das Dear Mother Mary To weeks before I prayed to you for my niece that she accepts her college, where she has admitted for study with happily. She was very depressed. Now she is very happy and studying in peaceful mind. She has accepted her college as a best college. Thank you Mother Mary that you helped us as you help us always. kolkata 2018-09-20
Sippyan Amme, Thank you so much for helping me to become what I am today. Thanks for helping my Parents, brother andSister and their families. Thanks for assisting my relatives and friends. Thanks for Blessing all my well-wishes and those who pray and bless me and everyone. Thanks for Vava, Kuttapi & Kunjatta ....Thanks, Mom India 2018-09-19
x Thank you for the miracles you bless us with every single day, Ma. Please forgive all my sins. Keep blessing us, specially those who are ill, poor and lonely and help us to continually believe in your miraculous powers. Ma Help me to turn to you every day and year. Help my K and N to recover and keep good health. I love you, Ma Help R to get married soon and help me meet D z 2018-09-16
AbhaVava Amme, a BIG THANKS for keeping Vava safe. Another BIG THANKSfor taking care of my Sister. One more BIG THANKS for looking after Seena nd her womb...and the BIGGEST THANKS for BEING WITh ME, Mom. Love you Mom. Kerala 2018-09-16
Vava_Abha Mother of Velankanny, we together come before you to THANK for our Sister and all those who HELP , SUPPORT and PRAY for her and her family. Thank you Mom for everyone who help her financially, especially Mr. Benny & Family, Davis & Family, Shaju & Family, Varghese & Family. Solomon & Family, Joy & Family, Sunny & Family, Mr ...& Family, Jojo & Family, daisy & Family Selin & Family and all those who are planning to help her in future.... THANKS Mom. Kerala 2018-09-15
Shan K L In the year 2010 to 2011, I was suffering from acute IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) followed by stomach inflation with extreme gastro problems. It was affecting my work and general lifestyle. During this year I was in New Zealand and I had consulted numerous specialists to find cure for this, but all in vain. It reached a point where I started to bleed heavily during defecation. Various tests were carried out, but there was no sign of ulcer and doctors were confused. Then one my doctor suspected it to be bowel cancer, but was not sure. At that point I decided to come to Bangalore, India and got it diagnosed at Manipal Hospital and after various tests doctor advised that I have acute Hiatus Hernia and there was no cure and prescribed various medicines for temporary relief. As far as I can remember, since my childhood my family used to visit Mother of Good Health Velankanni church every year and I still continue to do so. As soon as I finished my diagnoses in Bangalore, me and my wife decided to go to Velankanni as I was sure my mother Mary at Velankanni will intercede and heal me. I departed from Bangalore to Velankanni by car and after few hours I was suffering from acute diarrhoea. I was unable to drive and was very sick and tired. I felt like something was stopping me from visiting mother Mary at Velankanni, but I made a firm decision that no matter what would happen to me I will continue my journey to Velankanni. I reached Velankanni by evening the same day and I told my wife that I want to visit Our Lady’s Tank. I started to walk towards Our Lady’s Tank by reciting holy rosary, after few seconds I started to feel uneasy and I was finding hard to breath. I was sweating heavily and feeling dizzy. I felt like I was going to die, but someone was constantly telling me from inside that as I reach our Lady’s Tank , I need to drink holy water from the tank and I will be cured. I struggled myself through to the chapel and as soon as I drank the holy water, in a fraction of a second all the agony and pain just vanished. Mother Mary of Velankanni healed me and that was the greatest miracle I have ever experienced in my life and I feel so lucky that I have been an instrument to bear witness to the miraculous work of Mother Mary of Velankanni. Australia 2018-09-15
Asha Mother i thank thee for healing my daughter completely.blessand protect her in the coming tests also Kerala 2018-09-14

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