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 "If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believeth. Mark 9:23 "... Hence do not worry, the Lord God will surely hear our prayers through the intercession of Mother Mary..



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jojibabu amma mother my son thambi aashish suffering health probulem dengue fever and my ciusin venu also suffer he is in hospital so many are suffer amma plz touch and heal amma i beg beg beg beg t u mother kanapalii lo koratalu teerchina talli munige navanu kapadina talli amma saranu talli tomorrow holy mass lo participate chese bagyem prasadinchu talli amma i beg t u who r pray for me whor asking prayer support amma tomorrow my son birth day amma plz bless amma nee seva chese bagyem prasadinchu talli amma i beg beg beg beg beg beg beg beg beg beg beg beg beg tu amma saranu saranu saranu talli amma amma amma amen in the name of jesus christ i beg t u plz slove all probulems whor suffering sick hospital family fianncial mental sucide no job salalry house children education amma house kone abgyem wilfread george valla mind amma 30 lakshs lo ichhe bagyemn prasadinchu talli amma i beg beg beg tu amen ur wish not my wish job sprotection amma company also amma i beg beg beg t u hyderabad 2018-07-19
rakhi mukherjee Ma, i tried so much but I surrender to you. Please send a man in my life who will love me . i too want someone to love me whom i love. I am missing that presence very badly. Please send someone nice. 7044066021 2018-07-19
CJ Dear mother of God, most Holy Virgin of Velankanni,I prostrate before the Almighty and offer my brimming gratitude for protecting and blessing us. Praise and all glory to you most dear Jesus. I humbly consecrate to your immaculate heart, Mother, all that we have and do, especially Yohan, each and every facet of his life, his aspirations, body , mind and soul. Bless him in all that he does and fulfill his just wishes. Wipe away his tears mother and bless him in his professional life. Ask Jesus to do a miracle as he did at Cana on thy behest for us so that he may regain his faith in his Almighty Lord. Bless him in his profession, help him to study further in a reputed college and be well placed for the glory of God, his savior. Help him to realize the actual truth about every matter that has happened in our lives. Free us from all bondages and from the clutches of the devil. Crush thou O Mother of the Word incarnate, the head of the vile serpent tormenting us. Free us from all curses both generational and from sins. In union with the consecration done for Russia to thy immaculate heart, we too give into thy hands Joby, Antony, Jose and Jamal with all their accomplices so that all evil powers working through them and in them and for them may be destroyed once and for ever. Mother bring to light all their atrocities that have remained hidden especially their wicked deeds of tapping our phones to block our progress(Luke 12:2). Get us justice vs them in accordance with the promise of your son Jesus in Luke 18:1-8 and comfort me as God did for Susanna who was unjustly sentenced to death.I am totally broken and hepless, come to my aid Amma. We pray for the anointment of Isaiah 45:2 Send thy angels to the plant concerned to choose the car for us and guard it with thy angels so that nothing evil endangers it till it reaches our hands. Help Thomas, Babu and Sunil to sell the paddy field without any problems soon. You know all our needs as well as our helpless situation. Bless and protect us from everything evil. Thwart the evil plans Antony& Ajith have vs us for our destruction. Bless Roy to settle the case between Achamma and Rajan favorably for us that I may get justice. Bless Babita and Manoj to lead a peaceful life. Mother bless Babita to prepare for and pass out Post-BSc examination in Nursing Course. Bless me and the staff concerned at the director’s office that I may get proper pension due to me in Jesus name. Anoint Thomas and Mariani with the Holy Spirit and his gifts. Bless the departed soul of Joseph to be with Jesus in eternal bliss. Accept all the masses offered in the world in atonement of his spiritual debts. Never forsake us helpless people, O most sweet, loving mother; work a miracle for us , who are your very own; for we pray in Jesus mighty name. Ave Maria Kerala 2018-07-19
Jyothi Dearest Mother, I earnestly pray for my needs. Bless me with a government/private dental seat in any of these colleges (GDC, MSRDC,VSDC,RVDC,KLEDC) in Bangalore in the ongoing 2018 Karnataka medical/dental counseling. Mother Mary pray for me. Thanks and Amen. Bangalore 2018-07-19
baala Kunaratnam amma please answer my all prayers today. Canada 2018-07-19
Jyothi Dearest Mother, I earnestly pray for the needs of my daughter. Bless her with a government/private dental seat in one of these colleges GDC ,MSRDC,VSDC,RVDC, KLEDC (all in Bangalore) in ongoing 2018 medical/dental Counseling. Mother Mary pray for her. Thanks and Amen. Bangalore 2018-07-19
D Mary ammma plzzzzz bless my family Kavali 2018-07-19
GFM Mother Mary Please pray for us. Please bless us me and my husband with a good health baby boy and our baby grow with all its requirements fulfilled. Honour us Lord by granting us a baby boy child for the glory of Your name. All things are possible with you Lord. We believe in Your mighty miracle Power. We except a miracle from Your mighty hand and we thank You even now for making our life complete. Lord, let my baby boy be perfect as you are perfect. In Jesus name we pray. Amen. M 2018-07-19
GFM Million of Thanks MotherMary and Jesus for everything in our life. Myself and My husband fidu. Oh mother Mary n Jesus, pray 4 us, n bless with a healthy baby boy child or else give me death Plz answer my prayers. make me conception now. n mercy on me. I claimed i will get conceive at the earliest. Pray 4 my husband health, touch him everywhere on his body, heal him and cure him. Reduce his weight by 60 kgs, heal his all diseases. Fidu should take care of his health n hate all bad habits, he should think about me n our family n future. bless us active, good healthy n long life to us. Make him divert n devotee towards u like me. Bless him prosperity life. My future is depend on him. Maa, I am feeling better from yesterday. Please bless us healthy life. Please heal us and touch our every part of body. its paining lots. All our bones are paining lot and i am feeling dizziness. Please heal us and cure us, please bless us me and my husband good health, prosperity and long life, diseases free life. So we want to raise our child in your fear with good health, long life, prosperity life. Please make my bones strong so i can conceive and give birth to a healthy baby boy in your holy image and too take care of him. . Mother Mary Pray for us Thanks and Amen. M 2018-07-19

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