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 "If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believeth. Mark 9:23 "... Hence do not worry, the Lord God will surely hear our prayers through the intercession of Mother Mary..



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Sunil Jerald D Souza Mother Mary, i thank you for all your blessings in past. My father is suffering from cancer. I humbly pray you , please heal him and bless him to recover to normal health. Give good health to my family members. Enlighten the mind of my brother. Mother of Health pray for us. Amen UAE 2017-02-22
Rakhi Mukherjee Ma, i am surrendering to you. Please make Manas fall in love with me. Please make us unite and bless our union. Please make this day beautiful for us. Kolkata 2017-02-22
Vinu Thomas Ente mathave njan ninekkithirayi papam cheythupoyi.arinjukondanu njan thettukal whether.nte mathave nte thettukal poruthu tharaname .enne shikshavidiyilekku elpichu kodukkaruthe .. ninte anugraham enikkundayirikkaname Kerala 2017-02-22
mahesh Dear amma please bless my family.give good health to amma nanna suresh chinni kushi hanshitha vijaya and me.bless prawn and fish ponds.give them good health.give me government job amma.thankyou amma. varahapatnam 2017-02-22
Arabindow Baskaran Holy Mother pray for my wife's house in Kerala to be sold for a good price and all my debts and financial problems be cleared. In Lord Jesus Christ precious name I pray. Amen Chennai 2017-02-22
MADONNA BASKARAN Holy Mother please pray for me as I am in trouble by my enemies. TN-Chennai 2017-02-22
Viji Oh lord please fulfill my deepest desire of bearing a child. Bless us with the love of our lives. A blessing we would cherish forever. Hear our prayers & guide us through life. Amen Dubai 2017-02-22
V Oh God please bless all your children with good health, wealth & wisdom. See all your children through their trouble. Give them the strength to face adversities & emerge sucessful. Please make our work place better & dissolve all the problems there. Amen Dubai 2017-02-22
Nitha Philip Holy Mother Mary, please pray for me about my marriage matter. Please do a miracle in the name of Jesus. Amen. Kuwait 2017-02-22
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