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 "If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believeth. Mark 9:23 "... Hence do not worry, the Lord God will surely hear our prayers through the intercession of Mother Mary..



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PG Girl Friend parents has denied for inter-caste marriage n gave a death wow with road blocked for her to enter her home due to which she got tensed/worried n now she is denying to keep every contact.communication with me, bless her father that he should agreed n trust me, providing support which will gain a trust within her for me to get into relationship again n marry with both parents support n blessings She has become so stubbornic and angry that not letting me chance to improved in d mistakes that i made earlier and now she is depending upon her father to decide the person to get married, she has blocked me from all communications Hence begging you Mother Mary, as i still believe our relatioship can be healed and restored with your blessings by transforming her(which her dad/cousin/collegues has brainwashed leading her to think negative and misunderstanding me about past said as a relationship), pls intercede to Your son and our GOD that she(Girl Friend) should trust me again and provide me 1 more chance to improve in mistakes i made(as per her) to restored the love/relationship within us Pune 2019-05-24
Xavier dear annai thaye bless my family and my children Antoathin and daughter Aashikha and save their lives. cure my son Antoathin from his mind problem and fits problem and walking problem. ATTUR 2019-05-24
n Millions of thanks for all the miracles received Mother, over all these years. Mother, I am facing severe financial problems as I have to settle some urgent loan interest payments by this Sunday (26.5.2019). Please show me mercy and help me miraculously to overcome this. Mother, my wife has suddenly developed severe pain in her arms and feet. She is finding it difficult in doing even basic functions without discomfort. Mother, please help her. Beloved Mother, I have been consistently trying to do business with India over the past 30 years but have been unable to move forward successfully. My Indian partner Ravi has been acting strangely lately and is avoiding my calls. Please make him realize his mistakes and guide him to call me immediately Mother. Please grant me a miracle to be successful in my ventures Mother. Beloved Mother, I have a few pieces of land for sale. Some clients are interested to purchase. I pray that I will be successful in the sales by Your Blessings as this will free from my debts, Mother. I have been paying most of my monthly earnings as interest over the 10 years and have been facing great discomfort and agony with my friends and relations over unpaid friendly loans. Please grant me this miracle Mother and let me be free of my financial problems soon and allow me to come in person with my wife to Velanganni and show our gratitude....With all my love and thanks, Mother. m 2019-05-24
Santhosh george Praise the Lord Bless me and wife lally in job and wife salary. Bless chruch going and all money problem. Bless my child ear problem and my bible full reading. Abudhabi 2019-05-24
William.M Dear Amma Thanks for everything you have blessed me and all of my family members. Regards William.M Mumbai 2019-05-24
Jones Today is my birthday, Bless me with good health and protect me from all danger and bless me to pass in my exam. Bless my family with good health and protect them from all evil. Forgive our sins and bless my family. Trichy 2019-05-24
shamini Bless us all. Guide Godwin with everything he does. Make him a responsible God fearing person. Bless him with his education and job.Bless all the young ones. scarborough 2019-05-24
Vasanthi Holy mother Thanks thy mothet we remain in thy miracles feet bless Sundar not to Ve any medical problems bless him to get rid othe boils in neck and not to Ve any copmplcations bless Sundar thanks thy mothet we remain in thy feet Chennai 2019-05-24
X Pray for me to get success in life problems and to take fast decisions for life. X 2019-05-24
Dd Mary Amma please bless my family and amen Kavali 2019-05-23
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