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 "If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believeth. Mark 9:23 "... Hence do not worry, the Lord God will surely hear our prayers through the intercession of Mother Mary..



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Sam Dear Mother of Valankanni, Please do a miracle in my life. I really need you to intercede for me. My wife Ani, want to break the marriage without telling any reason and without explaining. It is so much pain for me to live this life without knowing the reason and why this is happening and why she is doing this. You know how much this marriage means to me. Pray that Ani should come to be to be together and should send me all documents and we both should have a good family. Break down all the obstacles of evils forces and demons and chase away all the friends of Ani who is influencing her to do this. Please ma, help Ani realize what she is doing and melt down her heart and come back to me as my loving wife. I am totally depressed and you know well that I am depressed and in pain each and every minute from the time I heard this. We both have come to you directly after our marriage to get your blessings and please pray for me and Ani that this should not end like this and this relationship should stay forever till we die. Please mama, help me and Ani to be together. Ave Maria. Amen. Bangalore 2017-01-16
carol Dear Mother, I ask of you in deep faith to please bless my son and help him to get his PR VISA SOON PLEASE BLESS HIM WITH A PROMOTION AT HIS WORK place and a very good increment.please bless him with understanding and responsibility. please bless him with a nice catholic girl in his life. please bless my husband and help him to get his offer letter. along with a very good salary. please keep him in good health.please bless me and help me to keep good health. I trust in you for this. mumbai 2017-01-16
Roche Victor Nandri Madhavee Thanks for blessing us all the time , Nandri Madhavee, Chennai 2017-01-16
jennifer Dear mother, Thank you mother very much for this day and for all the favours granted. Mother please pray that god bless my son good health, make him peaceful and normal child. Please pray that god bless avi n me good health, make us peaceful, free us of all worries all tension good house good health, sort family dispute dad eternal peace, good increment. Mother please bless avi n me good health n job satisfaction. Mother please free us of all worries n tension. mother please bless me sort all personal office brother problems. Mother please bless me sort get a good healthy full time maid. Mother please bless me sort all my personal problems. Mother please bless us sort all our tension and problems. mumbai 2017-01-16
Chinnu Mother Mary, I humbly seek your prayer and guidance. Please pray for A to do well in his dental school interview tomorrow. Please pray that he perform well and the interviewers ask him questions he can give good answers to. Please pray that he stays calm and confident and impress the people interviewing him. As you have been with us and prayed for us to get this far, kindly continue to be with us and pray for us. Please be with him to give him confidence and strength to perform well. Please pray that he gets acceptance into the two schools he is interviewing at on Tuesday and Wednesday USA time. Thank you for your prayers Mother Mary. Please be with him and pray for him. I humbly ask for your help. Amen. USA 2017-01-16
Celestine Mother Mary, please pray for me and my family for good health, Peace and prosperity. Blessed Mary Save us from evil spirit Ernakulam 2017-01-16
Celestine Mother Mary, please pray for my family for good health, Peace, and prosperity. Blessed Mary Save us from evil spirit Ernakulam 2017-01-16
A.ALEXANDER Peace be with you! Kindly pray for me. I am scheduleD to have an Intradiscal Electrothermal Annuloplatsry around 11:45am Indian time today (18 Jan - Monday) due to slight bulge in the spinal disc L4 & L5, which causes severe muscle spasms. Thank you very much. A.Alexander Malaysia KUALA LUMPUR 2017-01-16
Jaya John Mother please protect and heal my family from all our sicknesses and problems amen Kalyan 2017-01-16
Sunil Jerald D Souza Mother Mary my father is suffering from cancer and myself is back pain.Mother of Health i humbly pray you, please heal us and give us good health. Please cure us by your divine miracles . Mother of Health pray for us. Amen. UAE 2017-01-16
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