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 "If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believeth. Mark 9:23 "... Hence do not worry, the Lord God will surely hear our prayers through the intercession of Mother Mary..



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Kusum Mother Mary thanks for favour and blessings in my family. Mother please solve my all problems. Mother guide me. Amen Ranchi 2017-09-23
Pradeep albert Amma help me from this problems hold my hands strongly. Auh 2017-09-23
Bhavani Prasad Thanks Mother Mary Bless my family for good health . Bless me for success in my professional career. Thanks Mother Mary Amen Hyderabad 2017-09-23
Jobby Joseph Holy Mother, Kindly Bless us and guide us in all the Transitions happening in our life now. Our new Home, Overseas job, safety of kids, parents and Family. Thank you Mother Pune 2017-09-23
Reshma paul My husband and me problems.he is not contacting me.I want to join with him Trivandrum 2017-09-23
j ente amme mathave ente samgadam kanane.enikku oru veedu swatham mayi tharane. I beg your powerful intercession on to buy own house. I also submit my son studies to your foot. Ente amme please shatter my in-laws pride nature and also block my sister-in-law who is involving unnecessary matters in the home. Please make to understand my in-laws the value of thier son. Please make to understand my sister in law the difficulites of not having money.Please shatter the pride nature of my sister-in-law and her rude way talking. Ente amme ethra nal ayi ethu tolerate cheyan thudagittu. Ethinu oru avasanam elle. njan ore pravsham prathikkumbolum sister in law onnum koodi sakthiyayi a veetill involve cheyukanallo. Ente amme ni ente samgadam ente kanathe...Ennum veettu karude kuttapeduthal mathrame ollaloo. Ente sister in law kku njagal anubhavikkunna athe polethe manasika avasthayil koodi avale kadthi veedane. Job and money onda nnu olla avalde ahagharam thakarkkam.Please do your miracle immediately. We are unable to carry this croos... please see our tears. dx 2017-09-23
Michelle Oh blessed mamma mary I beg you to shower your blessings on my brother so that he gets work visa from his current company and becomes a legal employee with the company.. kuwait 2017-09-23
r I pray for my family. Jesus and Mother Mary i kneel and beg before you for my family. Keep us all in best of health. we need you in every steps of our life. without you nothing is possible . guard and guide us everytime India 2017-09-23
a Mother Mary please protect my mom and son please a 2017-09-23
a Mother Mary please protect my mom and son please a 2017-09-23
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