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 "If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believeth. Mark 9:23 "... Hence do not worry, the Lord God will surely hear our prayers through the intercession of Mother Mary..



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baala Kunaratnam Amma please answer my all prayers today. Canada 2018-01-23
bijoy gomes Maaa protected my all family members from all the Devil power. Amen. KOLKATA 2018-01-23
bijoy gomes Maaa my wife Anuva Gomes now having problem with her teeth therefore my pray to you that Maaa she need proper guide and strength to visit to the doctor and proper medication for this problem, Maaa bless my wife and protect Her from all the Devil power. Amen. KOLKATA 2018-01-23
Pulkit Holy mother! Please bless me mother and grant ur permission to marry my love Vini..plz listen to my prayers and allow me to marry Vini and bless us so that we can live happily..plz amma bless us Ambikapur 2018-01-23
Mallika Rajendran Baby cries due to acid reflux and pain I am begging to cure the newborn ShOlden 2018-01-23
prasad balagopalan Holy Mother! Please perform a miracle and help my mother recover completely and be pain free and lead a long healthy, happy life to see my kids aberdeen 2018-01-23
thurka dear jesus christ and holy mother mary please bless gokul manju thurka angel premji janani balaranjan family balachandran family thavajothy family ananthasundram family murugathasan family please bless entire world with peace please stop all natural disasters please have mercy on millions of people dying of starvation please bless people of capetown with water and food immediately please forgive our sins and faults trillion thanks for all your help praise the lord for all his mercies your power is infinity amen toronto 2018-01-23
Lenin Beloved Infant Jesus, Mother Mary I confess that I have been unwise in so many of the financial decisions that I have made, which has caused me to get into debt. I have made many foolish mistakes, which have caused me to accumulate many bills which I am unable to meet. I have used credit unwisely and am accruing more interest due to my thoughtless actions. I ask You Beloved Infant Jesus, Mother Mary to forgive my foolishness in building up such a mountain of debt and to enable me to correct this enormous financial burden, which I confess is of my own doing and through my poor planning and inept financial skills. I come to You Beloved Infant Jesus, Mother Mary in my poverty and ask that You would guide me through this difficulty and teach me to be more responsible both with my finances and my relationship with You – which I have neglected for so long. Beloved Infant Jesus, Mother Mary I ask for Your help as I can do nothing without You and I thank You that You have heard my cry.....Amen Kotagiri 2018-01-23
Richard Francis My dear Blessed Mother Mary I am searching for a good job but I am not getting please I should get good job soon.Bless my family my father side and my mother side each and everyone which they want from you and to my family too and specially bless my father that he should not drink and not use bad words as he is getting elder now he should give his love to us and be happy with us.And give special blessing to my brothers Son Ricky. My friend is not loyal to me please make him to be loyal to me he should not cheat me because I have kept more trust on him let me get good fruit for the trust which I kept on him and please change my personality. Mysore 2018-01-23
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